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I am a passionate foodie who loves to eat out and talk about it with my friends. This led me to create Foodist Colony with a very focused objective, to redefine how food lovers decide where to eat and share recommendations with their friends.

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Checking out Shang and their "Starving Artists" prix fixe menu tomorrow.
from daz9nyc Feb 24 09
would you add the 2nd ave location of Land Thai Kitchen? thanks!
from litchi Sep 16 08
I finally tried the tomato and basil pizza at Artichoke and it was delicious!
from daz9nyc Aug 08 08
Had the delicious short rib and kimchi sandwich at Province last night and just had a very good burger at Giorgione 508. On a roll...
from daz9nyc May 07 08
Sure, great question. Today, if another Foodist Colony member thinks you have good taste, they can add your as a friend. This allows them to follow your restaurant guide and see what restaurants you like and want to try. Since you do not follow them, they are just a fan to you. If you mutually add them as a friend as well, then is now a mutual connection and tells us that you are friends. We are always open to feedback and if is not clear enough, please let me know. Thanks for the question!
from daz9nyc May 04 08
could you clarify the distinction between a fan, a friend, and an alltime favorite member? i don't really get it. hope you're (eating) well.
from litchi Apr 16 08
Tried Pinkberry yesterday and Red Mango today. Only Yolato left and I will have completed the yogurt trifecta :-)
from daz9nyc Feb 07 08
I had my first Ethiopian dining experience at Ghenet and loved the food. The variety, presentation, and unique approach to eating was very refreshing. I would go back in a heartbeat!
from daz9nyc Dec 23 07
I finally found Licorice ice cream/gelato in NYC at Otto! The last time I had this favorite flavor of mine was when Cold Stone had it as their flavor of the month 2 years ago.
from daz9nyc Dec 19 07
Had a random lunch at Mamoun's. That place brings back memories every time!
from daz9nyc Dec 06 07
Capped off a long cold day with some tasty hot miso ramen soup at Rai Rai Ken. Slurp...
from daz9nyc Dec 04 07
I Discovered another new lunch spot called Joe's Dairy. I do not know how many times I have walked past this place over the last 10 years with no clue that they had delicious sandwiches with fresh mozzarella. What an unassuming gem!
from daz9nyc Dec 04 07
Had a wonderful Thanksgiving experience at Bouley last night. The service and food were amazing. The decor is what it is, not my style but the experience was so good that I could care less.
from daz9nyc Nov 23 07
Discovered a great new lunch spot, Grandaisy Bakery on Sullivan btwn Spring and Broome. Unique pizza slices, got 3 to try a few! The sandwiches look delicious too!
from daz9nyc Nov 20 07
Dinosaur BBQ on Wednesday before the Black Crowes show at the United Palace Theatre!
from daz9nyc Oct 30 07
Tried Hill Country last week finally. Good experience. Tried the lean brisket and cheese sausage, both very tasty. Would go back.
from daz9nyc Sep 30 07
ha, I should have ordered some to be shipped earlier this week! There are plenty of options here on that level. Get ready to feast!
from daz9nyc Aug 29 07
i miss burrito bros already... i'm gonna eat my ass off this weekend
from SecretSauce Aug 27 07
Had a nice tasty brunch at Stella Maris.
from daz9nyc Aug 25 07
I really want to try Hill Country for some BBQ soon! Had a solid lunch at Soho Park last week, great onion rings. Gold St has been a convenient go to brunch and late night spot on weekends.
from daz9nyc Aug 19 07
I was in Gainsville, FL for my brothers graduation. Had great tacos, burritos, and gauc at (they ship the burritos!). I also had really tasty BBQ at Adam's Rib Co.
from daz9nyc Aug 13 07
La Esquina Taqueria is now serving breakfast. Yum!
from daz9nyc Aug 09 07
Shake Shack to Open at Shea Stadium and Jerry's Soho diner to close after 20 years.
from daz9nyc Aug 09 07
Still bummed that Little Charlie's and Va Tutto have closed!!!
from daz9nyc Aug 08 07
Was in Chicago for the weekend. Long wait at Giordano's forced me down the street at Gino's East for my deep dish pizza fix. No complaints. I had an amazing meal at the Green Zebra. Also had a yummybrunch at Yolk.
from daz9nyc Aug 07 07
Re: Ditch Plains - Go to Blue Ribbon Bakery across the stree instead next time. You'll be glad you did.
from sethb Jul 30 07
Pizza in Manhattan:I've just been to Batali's Otto. I think it is up there on my list. As for just a slice, Joe's Pizza (7 Carmine St.) is pretty good.
from nicole Jul 30 07
Going to the Gothamist-Serious Eats/AHT QBQ BBQ at Water Taxi Beach tonight. On the menu are the onion burger, the butter burger, and the pimento cheese burger :-)
from daz9nyc Jul 28 07
Walked home from work and stopped by Province for a short rib & kimchi sandwich on freshly made Mantou (steamed Chinese buns), which are sooo good.
from daz9nyc Jul 25 07
hanging out with the girls after work. any suggestions for a cool place for drinks midtown east..
from ekta Jul 25 07
Mookcake Foods for lunch and Blaue Gans for dinner. Good food day :-)
from daz9nyc Jul 24 07
I wanted to love Devi but the overall experience was not memorable. Good food but not worth the hype that had built up.
from daz9nyc Jul 21 07
I can't wait to try Devi tonight!
from daz9nyc Jul 20 07
Tribeca Opening: The Harrison Tavern on Chambers St @ W Broadway. From what I have read, do not expect much more than bar food on the menu at this pub & restaurant.
from daz9nyc Jul 19 07
Business lunch at Ditch Plains today. I never heard of it until Sethb added it to his guide on Sunday. Now in 5 days I have tried it twice. Solid place - not a fave but nice to have in the neighborhood.
from daz9nyc Jul 19 07
Had two of my faves today, Alidoro for lunch and Alfanoose for dinner :-)
from daz9nyc Jul 18 07
Rectangles was authentic and tasty. The falafel was really good. I would go back again.
from daz9nyc Jul 17 07
How was Rectangles?
from aheller Jul 16 07
Had a great brunch at Ditch Plains on Sunday. Highly recommend.
from daz9nyc Jul 16 07
Checking out Rectangles in the Upper West Side tomorrow night. Yemenite Israeli cuisine. We'll see...
from daz9nyc Jul 16 07
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